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Around 440 BC, Hippocrates advocated the use of sunlight for its healing effects on wounds. At that time, roofless clinics allowed patients to recuperate in a practice known as ‘heliotherapy”.  In modern times, the discovery of lasers for use as a modern application of light therapy in medical treatments began around 1960.  Since then, numerous studies have been published documenting the physiological effects of low level lasers on collagen synthesis, wound healing and biostimulation.  

The cold laser that we use projects a non-ionizing form of radiation energy. As such, there is no cellular death or DNA mutation as a result of treatment. Cellular membranes have been shown to remain completely intact after laser treatments, and the FDA classifies the low level (cold) laser as having “insignificant risk” to healthy people. When used correctly, there is no pain from the laser, nor is there any sensation of increased heat at the treated areas. The laser can cause problems if used improperly.  Never look directly into the laser while it is operating as this can cause retinal damage to your eyes.  Protective eyeglasses are required, and will be provided to you during your laser treatment. The safety of the laser near active malignancies or during pregnancy has not been established.  People taking photosensitive drugs should not be exposed to lasers.
All of the laser therapists at the Cold Laser Therapy Center have been certified in the safe and proper use of the laser device.

The application of the cold laser to specific points on the body meridian, results in stimulation of the sympathetic and afferent nerves that relay particular signals to the brain.  This then causes the brain to release natural opiate-like substances (endorphins) which gives you a relaxed and pleasurable feeling.  As a result (since nicotine can cause the same effects in your brain), the physical cravings of withdrawal are eliminated.  The effects of this treatment can last for several days due to the ongoing biostimulation caused by the laser energy released into the tissues (unlike acupuncture needles where the effect rapidly disappears when the needles are removed).